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Introducing the New Automated Trend Line Drawing Tool with the Ability to Automatically Execute Trades Upon Trend Break including your Preferred Stops & Limits. ​

Automatically Execute Your Own Trading Strategy!

Backtest Your Trading Strategies

Start Trading With Just One Click Of a Mouse

Point-and-click strategy building (No Programming Required)

Auto-Calculate New Results Each Time You Make the Smallest Change

Quick Calculation (Q-Calc) Buttons Help Optimize And Find The Most Profitable Setting

Spend time outside doing the things you love, as Autopilot executes your customized trading strategy

Backtest, Point-and-Click Strategy Building and Auto-Trading Capabilities, Simulate, and Trade Your Own Strategies...Automatically


Let Autopilot Make Trades For You and Send You Electronic Notifications


  • Custom Build and Test Strategies Using One or More Indicators

  • Use Advantage Lines As Your Main Trading System, and Use Bulls 'n Bears As A Conditional or Many Other Combinations

  • Each Indicator is Customizable Allowing For a Wide Variety of Different Trading Strategy Combinations

  • Customizable entry and exit points include:

  • Stop/Limit orders

  • Days of the week/Time of Day

  • Trailing stops

  • Jump stops

  • And Many More!

​​Every single historical trade is listed so you can adjust your strategy as necessary

  • Trade Day and Night
  • The Autopilot Never Sleeps or Tires

  • Allows You To Trade the Markets Even When You're Not At Your Computer

  • All Auto Trades Are Placed Using Your Personalized Trading System That You Created

Back Test Your Strategy To Make Sure It's As Robust As It Can Be Using Historical Data 

  • Make Adjustments and Fine Tune your Strategy On-The-Fly and Instantly View Results

  • Then Run Your Strategy In a Live Simulated Account To See How It Performs going forward

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