Extreme flexibility and speed.



Build your own algos with B.O.S's visual programming language, or with B.O.S Algo SDK, a high-performance API.




Deploy your algos to servers in colocated data centers around the world for exceptional performance.




Manage your algos from anywhere on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.





Design and thoroughly test your algos with live market data using a robust simulated matching engine.




Build your own, use B.O.S order types or access bank and third-party algos.




Count on B.O.S's global redundant network with failover and disaster recovery.





Use B.O.S’s visual programming interface consisting of drag-and-drop building blocks to quickly develop and test automated trading strategies without any manual programming

Build and test trading strategies using a high-performance API in B.O.S's secure development environment.


Traders and programmers alike can implement their own strategies.



Trade globally through the fastest commercially available futures trading platform.


Deploy algos to bare metal servers in colocated data centers around the world.

Run algos on your own dedicated hardware subscribed to only the price feeds you need.

 Use B.O.S Algo Dashboard to monitor and manage your algos wherever you have Internet or cellular access. 

B.O.S Premium Services

Algo Management

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