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So you’re the best trader in the world, you’re smart, you’re disciplined and completely driven. You wake up in the morning at the same time every morning. You get your coffee, you review the news of the day, and you prepare to execute your trading strategy.


You’re on Top of The World, Master of The Universe, making more money than you ever could imagine. But wait one minute, there’s just one problem, your husband or wife and your children, don’t know what you know, they can’t feel the markets the way you can; that wiggle or jiggle of a candle or formatting of a certain pattern that tells you everything. To them, trading is a foreign language.

So what happens if you get injured, sick, or even worse, if you pass away?


The Ideal Trading Software for Futures and Options with Over 100 Order Routing Destinations.


BILLION Operating System is our flagship trading software. It is the perfect solution for day traders. We continually invest in the latest trading technologies to deliver real-time quotes and executions faster. BILLION delivers a robust trading system to the day traders and professionals that demand highly established market data and performance. Traders of all experience levels can easily customize layouts and rules to best fit their trading style. Keyboard traders and point and click traders no longer have to be emotionally involved. 

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  • Real-Time Streaming Data

  • Futures Commodity Trading

  • Industry Standard Indicators

  • Advanced Technical Tools & Indicators

  • Proprietary Trading Systems

  • Candlesticks Auto-Recognition Plug-in

  • Seasonals Plug-in

One of the most powerful trading platforms on the market. Feature-richness, advanced analytics and speed ensure that you are always ahead of the game.

Never before has there been a trading software that can match your interlect, and perform almost every task you would perform as a trader. Whether it's executing trades when your tendline breaks or going long/short when the market bounces off of a moving average, the possiblities are endless!


      You think it, B.O.S. will achieve it!

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